Innovation drives nutritional, functional lipid opportunities

A two-day session examining the characteristics and applications of nutritional and functional lipids in food will help industry professionals to identify new cutting-edge formulation, emulsification and microencapsulation technologies and to better navigate complex European nutrition and health claims. 

The event – which takes place on 29 – 30 November in Frankfurt and can be easily combined with Health & Nutrition Week and Health ingredients Europe – has been organised by the Bioactives World Forum. The programme features 15 prominent speakers who will address four key issues: regulation; specialty lipid modification technology; omega-3 formulation and microencapsulation; and emulsion technology applications.

A major opportunity

Consumers are increasingly aware of the role that nutritional and functional lipids can play in a healthy diet. Most people for example have heard of omega-3 and understand that some fats are good for us. The popularity of gyms, yoga centres and health clubs – as well as a health-conscious ageing population – has also contributed towards spreading awareness and demand for dietary supplements that feature nutritional and functional lipids.

This presents a major opportunity for food and ingredients manufacturers looking to achieve product differentiation. Developing effective delivery systems, however, requires R&D investment and an in-depth understanding of formulation, emulsification and microencapsulation technologies. To this end, this session aims to provide invaluable advice for processors, product formulators, chemists and technicians as well as business managers familiar with oils and fats applications.

Encapsulation case studies

Various presentations and case studies will highlight some of the latest findings. Dr Markus Wysshaar, a member of the board of directors at Erbo Spraytech in Switzerland, will discuss how encapsulating sub-micron particles can be achieved using technologies in a synergistic way.

“Emulsions and powders of active substances are often encapsulated in a matrix with a functional carrier material in order to take advantage of sub-micron properties such as higher bio-availability,” he explains. “This can also lead to excellent handling and protection as dust-free, non-hydroscopic and highly soluble powders, as well as sophisticated protection and release systems for the encapsulated active substance.” Dr Wysshaar plans to present examples and case studies, including the sub-micron encapsulation of Omega 3-rich oils.

David Palmer

David Palmer from Micropore Technologies in the UK will focus on the microencapsulation of lipids, and how using membrane emulsification can provide superior emulsion droplet size distribution. “This leads to a more stable emulsion and a more uniform microcapsule performance on terms of mechanical stability, uniformity of dose and rate of diffusion,” he explains. “While membrane emulsification has historically been limited to small scale lab operations, recent developments have led to new scalable systems that have specifically designed for aseptic applications, such as food and pharma.”

Palmer hopes that attendees will be able to see the potential benefits of using membrane emulsification when compared to traditional homogenisation. “In addition to the size control and stability benefits, there are cost savings to be made in terms of energy usage and reduced raw material waste,” he adds.

This workshop will be held on 29th November from 08:55 -17.00 and 30th November from 09:00 to 12:30. The venue is Marriott Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany.

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Dr Luca Bucchini

Another high-level speaker at this event will be Dr. Luca Bucchini, Managing Director of Hylobates Consulting in Italy. Dr Bucchini will provide an overview of nutrition and health claims in Europe, oils & fats-related claims as well as key regulatory and labelling challenges.

Other speakers will include Dagmar Behmer from Bruker Optik in Germany; Margarita Salazar Peña, an industry technology specialist at Novozymes; and Peter van der Zande, product & sales manager at Sisterna/Cosun Food Technology Center, the Netherlands.


September 27, 2018