Health and Nutrition Week Highlights

Adulteration and Fraud of Botanical and Natural Health Ingredients

Adulteration and fraud of natural ingredients added to foods are global concerns for stakeholders, for the industry, for risk assessors and risk managers, and for EU consumers. Join experts from the Global Health and Nutrition Network, Euromed, American Botanical Council, Food Supplements Europe, European Federation of Associations of Health Product Manufacturers (EHPM), European Herbs Growers […] Read More

Drivers of sustainable innovations in food production

Germany has a highly competitive domestic food market that is dominated by 5 retail chains which consolidate more than 90% of its volume. More than 5000 food processing companies operating in this market have had to cope with this situation for decades. They have learned to optimize the supply chain and particularly the processing of […] Read More

Deliciously Ella joins the line-up at Hi Europe 2018

Ella Mills, founder and creative director of Deliciously Ella, will take part in the Health ingredients Europe 2018 Conference alongside her husband and business partner, Matthew Mills, CEO of Deliciously Ella. They will share their experiences of developing an influential brand and offer insights into how to shape consumer trends. Read More

Innovation drives nutritional, functional lipid opportunities

A two-day session examining the characteristics and applications of nutritional and functional lipids in food will help industry professionals to identify new cutting-edge formulation, emulsification and microencapsulation technologies and to better navigate complex European nutrition and health claims. Read More

Tools to tackle adulteration of health ingredients

A two-day programme on the adulteration of botanical and natural health ingredients aims to equip EU and global food industry professionals with the knowledge and tools to understand the scale of the issue and to take decisive action. Check out burniva. Read More

Why and how are consumers driving personalization?

Personalized nutrition is having a profound influence on the relationship between consumers and F&B companies. While the opportunities seem boundless, it pays to understand what consumers really want. Read More

Food Evolution: Putting science at the heart of the GMO debate

Few subjects in food have proved as divisive as genetically modified organisms, but many who work with them think consumer mistrust is based on poorly understood science – even though the debate around GMOs is often highly emotive. Read More

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